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About Us

Kolossal inspire clients along a journey to unlock the right solution for their brands potential, from concept to the final product.

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    How - we identify, create and develop. Guiding you through a seamless journey, designing concepts and ideas to engineer the right product based solution for your brand.

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    Outcome - we provide solution based products. The transformation of ideas into solution is the end result of Kolossal's client relationship model.

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    Why - we promote your brand

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Our Products
  • k-visionThis material is a distinctive product solution for high impact retail windows & business branding for your promotional needs.
  • K-Illuminate Stretchable printed fabric with a wonderful soft look and feel has remarkable feature of to illuminate with back light at night.
  • K-mesh 1Wthe rollaway revolution and promotional banners. Its unique feature to create a one-way (1W) vision effect, you can see out, but others can’t see in.
  • K-SteelMagWithout doubt this product stirs up - Wow! Printable PVC with magnetic backing - locks itself to any metallic surface. Simple installation, interchangeable and reusable.
  • K-HardUV digital printing on hard substrates including glass, plastics, polycarbonates, aluminium composite panel for long and lasting outdoor/indoor graphics.
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Our Services

Kolossal provides a range of services from within it's core and bespoke products including: graphic design, product design, specification drawings (3D rendering and walkthroughs), product installation, procurement and project management.


Establishing your objectives, what you aim to achieve? Recognise and identify solutions to provide measurable improvements and return of investment.


Throughout the consultative phase the Kolossal team create a range of ideas and develop concepts to achieve the right outcome for you, the client.


Kolossal supports a suite of design services using current technology and trends wihin 3D modeling, fabrication, digital print media and fixtures and fittings.


Sourcing from a network of both local and overseas suppliers, kolossal selects suppliers that assure quality standards in product fabrication, manufacturing or print methods appropriate for your design.


Kolossal consults with suppliers to establish the best way to deliver upon timely cost effective and best quality results that align to your selected product solutions.

iconProject Management

Scoping your objectives and devising an inclusive plan to deliver the best product solution outcome.


Graphic Wall, Window Systems and Products

Demands for creating dynamic visual experiences requires today’s retailers, advertisers and marketers to seek innovative trends that empower their brands. This includes objects, installations and materials for construction that are cost effective, sustainable and without complicated processes.

Graphic Wall and Window Systems are a range of Products designed to face this demand. Ideal for business owners, retailers, advertisers and marketers for visual merchandising, commercial interior design and brand promotion.

Kolossals product range provides a unique approach to contemporary product promotion within interior spaces. Manufactured small to large, as temporary or permanent installations, kolossal will work with you to fully customise a product solution to truly reflect your business or brand.

  • kolossal mount
  • k-mesh 1W
  • k-steelmag
  • k-vision in & out (Interior and Exterior)
  • k-blinds
  • Digital Wallpaper
  • Self adhesive vinyls
  • Banners - single and double sided
  • Cling film
  • Light box film
  • Photo paper
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